My wife and I ended up getting some adorable pets

I was surprised when my wife said she wanted some adorable pets in the house.

I wasn’t sure exactly what she wanted, and I don’t think she even knew what she wanted. We looked at all kinds of animals including horses, dogs, cats, and even pigs. She laughed and said she had a pig when she was young when her family was living on a farm. It’s interesting to learn how she was raised on a farm which I think is cool. She said they used to not use the A/C machine very often, and they just had the one window A/C unit in the dining room. They only used it when they would sit down to dinner. I guess I have spoiled her because I have provided her with a nice place that has an excellent HVAC system. It’s actually a ductless mini split and these HVAC systems last for a good 20 years or longer. So back to the animals, we ended up getting a couple of dogs and a cat. I didn’t originally think we would get so many pets, but she did say she wanted more than one. She eventually wants to get a horse, and I think that might be difficult since I know nothing about taking care of horses. The other thing I didn’t anticipate was all the pet dander and pet fur. Seriously, we have so much pet dander now that we have to clean the air filters to our ductless mini split every single week. Before we would only have to do that once per month and I thought that was a lot. The animals are nice and all, but they are a lot of work.

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