Sauna fitness room

I am a little insane when it comes to working out. I don’t skip a workout ever. I will work out in small spaces, weird times and with no equipment. I have to get an hour workout in to feel normal. On vacation it is always difficult to have a good one. The worst workout experience I have ever had was on a vacation. The first hotel I stayed in boasted about a fitness room. I was really excited by the pictures of the treadmill, sit down bike and yoga mats. When I went into the fitness room I realized that it was attached to a sauna. There was just a curtain blocking the fitness center from the steam room, hot tubs and massage tables. Since people go in there and expect heating, it was toasty. The fitness room was so hot it was hard to breathe. I dressed for the outdoor weather so I had long pants and a t-shirt for the workout. I of course booked three nights in that hotel because of the fitness room. Since nobody but me is insane enough to workout in a literal sauna, I stripped down to my bra and underwear. I ran on the treadmill with the heating at probably 90 degrees. I did the sitdown bike, jumped rope and stretched on the yoga mat. The heat made me loose as a goose which was nice. I always sweated profusely and felt refreshed. I had to make sure to properly hydrate the whole time so I wouldn’t pass out. I don’t know how the hotel got away without any AC in the fitness room. Doesn’t seem legal.

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