The air purifier helped more than expected

My spouse suffers from poor indoor dust sensitivities… Anytime there is a small amount of dust in the air, my spouse begins sneezing plus coughing.

  • We dust the home every single day with a special spray that helps keep dust plus germs to a minimum… My spouse was still suffering a great deal every single day so both of us consulted a physician that specializes in dust sensitivities.

The doctor recommended both of us purchase a UV air purifier for the bedroom, and since my spouse was having a difficult time sleeping, the doctor felt that an UV air purifier might help. I honestly did not want to spend a ton of currency on a fancy air filtration machine, however the doctor assured me that any hardware store or superstore would have equipment within our budget. My spouse plus I left the doctor’s office plus both of us made the choice to go to a market location on the other side of town. I did not know if both of us would find any machines in our budget, however I was surprised to find multiple odd UV air purifiers plus air cleaning devices. A sales clerk helped us find something that was honestly perfect. We did not open the cheapest model, however both of us really did not open the most fancy one either! Neither of us knew what to expect exactly from the $70 machine. It was actually surprisingly easy to hook up and the equipment was especially quiet when it was running. It’s been numerous days since both of us started using the air cleaning equipment. So far, I can’t tell if it will help reduce the allergens, however our bedroom has the freshest smell in the house.
a/c workman