The heating technician that put a smile on the children’s faces

Teaching is more of an art and a passion than anything else. At least for me, it is. Playing a role in shaping the lives of many individuals makes me feel honored and so I delight in it. One cold fall morning, we woke up to freezing classrooms and had to contact the parents to inform them of a canceled school day. The storm the previous evening had caused the already old HVAC system to completely shut down. There was a huge hole at the back of the building near where the heat pump install had been done. The central heating was blown up due to the rust that had accumulated. The building was super chilly and there were areas with small pools of water even though the roof wasn’t leaking. We later found it was some leaky vents. This is why the heating technician recommended a ductless heat pump while they were giving us some essential energy giving tips. While we waited for the servicemen, we lit the fireplace which thankfully still provided quality heating for a gas fireplace. There was a local contractor who was mapping out the playground for the best place to fit an electric furnace system. We had not had the heating service in the furnace for a few months now and we were paying for it. This entire job took 2 days but on the last day, the kids were allowed back since the zone control system was already working in full capacity, but it just needed some detailed servicing. If we had a dual fuel system we would have transitioned to gas when the electricity failed. On the third day of working, the workmen came in clown suits and performed a little act for the kids. Their eyes were just glowing with laughter.

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