The oak tree is buzzing from bees

Every one of us bought a large property near the countryside after having a lot of city life.

Every one of us found a nice partner that shared the same goals and she was easily sick of the constant noises + claustrophobia of the city.

Some of our very best dates during the first several years were spent with the two of us hiking in the state + County Parks + reservations. We usually packed a supper plus lots of water before every one of us hit those Trails for the better of the whole afternoon. On a few possibilities, all of us took some camping gear plus height for several mornings very deep into the jungle. My partner plus myself love to photograph lots of things plus we got a lot of good photos during our time into the woods. When all of us finally found a new condo, all of us were extremely excited to make updates to the property. There was a sizable yard near the countryside. We were on a more than four acre lot. I’m ecstatic with the up-to-date home, but yesterday I found a very shocking problem in the seasoned Oak Tree near the adjacent property. Every one of us heard An Extremely Loud buzzing sound plus looked into the air to spot a large Hive of bees. Every one of us literally jumped backwards with the shop plus fell on the ground. I considered finding insecticide and I attempted to fix the problem on my own, but there was a loud voice in the back of my head that said to call an exterminator and get someone that is a professional beekeeper.



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