The seemingly dormant fireplace helped score points with my mother-in-law

My husband and I had invited his parents over for thanksgiving dinner and though he looked forward to seeing his parents, I was a nervous wreck as my relationship with his mother was not the best.

See we are both alpha females and therefore we cannot co-exist in the same space for a long period of time.

I had noticed a strange noise coming from the basement where the central heating and the electric furnace were located. I kept postponing a site visit from a heating technician and today I was going to regret it. The zone control unit we had at the house ensured that all rooms, including our glass dining dome at the outside of the house, received quality heating. I had decorated the dinner table with amazing smelling flowers and candles. The furnace had come to the end of its life on earth. The heat pump install had been done a decade ago and so we knew it was time to replace it. However, we need a quick solution, and thanks to the gas fireplace that saved the day. Though my parents-in-law were startled by the loud bang, they complemented the warmth from the fireplace. Mum spoke my praise for the rest of the night and we even got a chance to bond over the fire. I silently appreciated the energy saving tip I had received from the local contractor. He recommended I get an extra unit for heating service besides the existing ductless heat pump and the dual fuel system that had now completely shut down. It was a successful night and my mum in law appreciated how organized and prepared I seemed to help me score points with her. I was finally seeing us having a better relationship in the coming years.

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