When I was on a business trip I had to switch rooms three times

When I was on a business trip a month or so ago, I ended up having to switch hotel rooms three different times.

I hate it when things like this happen.

I really like for things to go smoothly whenever I am traveling. I’m one of those people who just doesn’t really do well with change in any form, but that’s just part of my personality, I guess. Anyway, whenever I was on this business trip, the weather was really hot outside. The temperature was heating up more and more the whole time I was gone on this trip, and I remember leaving the A/C in the car blasting whenever I was out on the road doing my calls and getting to my appointments. The first night of my trip, I remember thinking that I couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel room so that I could order some food, relax in the air conditioning, and watch a dumb movie on the hotel cable. Well, that didn’t happen in any way, shape, or form! First of all, the hotel only had three channels and they were sports, news, and shopping. It was the worst mix of channels ever. Worse than that, there were no Chinese delivery places and I had to order pizza, which I don’t even like. But worst of all was the fact that the air conditioning in my room was on the blink and when I walked into the room, it felt like I was walking into a furnace or something! Management let me change rooms, but the A/C was no better in there, either! I was so annoyed by the time I packed up my stuff yet again that the working air conditioning in the third hotel room didn’t even make me feel better. I gave up and went to bed.
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