Change helped with new HVAC

This was a stroke of luck for us.

It’s been quite a year. For our family, the pandemic was sort of insult on injury. The economic fallout from the pandemic simply was the tipping point for years of barely being able to balance our finances. So when the lay offs started, we knew that one or both of us may face losing a job. It just so happened that I was able to keep my job and work from home in the air conditioning of my house. My wife lost her job outright. We had to face the fact that we were going to have to make some huge changes. That started with getting rid of the house we lived in. It was just too much to try and pay for. That house was a reach in good times but an anchor now. So we replaced the HVAC with our savings and got in on the market. We were fortunate to get a great price for the house that left us with some money to work with. We chose to buy a much smaller home that would also require renovations. Most of these renovations were aesthetic and could be done by us. However, the HVAC equipment was not something we could replace on our own. Thankfully, a friend recommended an HVAC contractor who had worked on their home HVAC renovations. This was a stroke of luck for us. He suggested that given the state of the HVAC equipment and the ductwork, we simply rip all that out and go another direction. That’s what we did and are now so happy with the ductless multi split HVAC equipment. The heating and cooling in this house is now as good or better than our old house.

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