The divorce attorney encouraged myself and others not to sue for full custody

When my wifey filed for divorce, I was entirely miserable plus aggravated… I thought both of us were trying to work things out, despite the fact that she was ready to provide up, but she was easily ready to provide up for several years, despite the fact that I wasn’t paying attention, by the time I was ready to work on our marriage, she was already prepared to provide up.

I didn’t assume what to do when she filed for divorce, so I consulted with a divorce attorney… The divorce attorney met with myself and others for a free a single hour consultation… During the consultation, the lawyer discussed his fees plus my options at winning the case. I entirely wanted to sue my wifey for full custody of the kids. I was mad plus miserable plus I wanted her to hurt as much as I did. The lawyer suggested myself and others not to file for full custody; He said it would be actually upscale, time consuming, taxing on the kids, plus my options of winning were actually small. He gave myself and others some entirely good advice. The lawyer told myself and others to start seeing a divorce therapist. He gave myself and others a couple of unusual names. He suggested that my anger might not be the best for our children plus he urged myself and others to talk with someone. That was the best advice that I received from anyone while both of us were in the time when my wifey plus I were going through the divorce. It is always easier on the kids when the several of us get along well. The therapist helped myself and others realize that both of us still need to be the best parents both of us can.

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