The fireplace industry loves him

I occasionally wonder how I got into the exact position that I’m in at the moment.

I met this guy at the library a few weeks ago & you know every one of us absolutely seemed to hit it off.

The people I was with and I have been dating dedicatedly now for 3 weeks, & I just now found out that he’s easily a pretty impressive guy around here in the Heating & A/C business. I guess 1 of the reasons that he liked me when we met in the first locale was because I wasn’t even aware of his prominent position in the enormous hierarchy of heating & cooling professionals in our area. He told me that a lot of the time, the local boys want to date him because he owns so several fireplace & heating & cooling repair specialty stores. When he first told me this, I almost laughed because I thought he was joking about the position. It was as if he was telling me that he was boss in the mafia or something, but of course, back then no one had any idea that the heating & cooling profession was quite so competitive in this section of the country where every one of us live. It turns out that the Heating & A/C companies around these parts are truly serious about their purchasers & their profession… My boyfriend is truly considered to be the fireplace king around here, & he doesn’t take that title lightly.I have a weird life. I’m not sure if I want to stay involved with all of this, however I assume that if I ever need a fireplace, he will have it covered.


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