The professional duct cleaning matters

The people I was with and I had our air duct & actually our entire ventilation idea professionally cleaned out last year when people were shut down because of the coronavirus.

  • Not only was my partner freaked out at that point because of the virus, but he also has terrible seasonal dust irritations to go along with that problem.

He was so scared about being unable to breathe properly that he was suddenly calling up the heating & cooling business just about every day to see if they had any brand new tips or tricks for him to try & improve the air quality in our house. I told my partner that he was single-handedly keeping our local Heating & A/C business in business while trying to self-isolate at home. It was as if he almost became obsessed with the air quality in the house & with our large heating & cooling system. He had never been like this before, so it was weird to see him behaving this way. I assume all of the unwanted information & the fear mongering on the news just started to freak him out a little. Either way, suddenly every one of us ended up getting our air duct & heating & cooling vents cleaned by the Heating & A/C dealer. The people I was with and I also had them come out & quickly install a brand new whole condo air purification idea for us to run in tandem with the central heating system & the central air conditioner. It’s a UV light whole-house air purifier, & so now my partner feels much better about the air quality in our condo. I’m hoping that having all of this done will easily help him to calm down a little bit!



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