This was a weird punishment

When every one of us was growing up, my mom used to punish my sibling in an improper way.

She didn’t ground him from the TV or his phone or even the car from him.

Instead, whenever my sibling got into trouble, my mom would take the only window device air conditioner idea out of his family room for weeks at a time! During the extremely overheated summers in the village every one of us lived in while every one of us were still growing up, that was the worst! He was consistently griping & complaining about the horrible fact that she took his cooling system device away whenever it happened, although I would just smile broadly & tell him that he should have known better than to get into trouble. That activity used to make him so mad when I would say that, because I was a goody girl most of the time. I hardly ever got into trouble & so I never absolutely had to worry about my own mom taking my air conditioner device out of my room. My sibling was consistently getting into trouble, though! During the worst summers whenever my mom would have his cooling system device in his closet because clearly he was being punished, my sibling would sneak into my room late at night so that, somehow, he could sleep in the cooling system. Now that we’re grown up, every one of us laughs about it. The people I was with and I tell my mom that she used to use cruel & improper punishment on us.

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