We had to get our ventilation system cleaned

We ended up having to get our ventilation system cleaned out when everything was closed down because of the pandemic.

We were having the worst seasonal allergies around the same time that all of that was going on, so we really needed to do something about it.

When we talked to our local HVAC company about it, they suggested that we get our air ducts cleaned out professionally. They told us that there were a whole lot of their customers who were calling about the same thing because of seasonal allergies. Everyone was scared that they were getting sick with the virus when the only thing that was really wrong was that they had too much pollen and dust inside of their ventilation systems. When he told me that, I was honestly a little bit relieved. I was getting nervous that we were all getting sick or that the indoor air quality in our house was just terrible. It turned out that the HVAC tech that I spoke with was correct. Once we made the appointment with the HVAC company to get the ductwork cleaned out professionally, they came out and got the job done the very next week. I couldn’t believe the difference in the indoor air quality that the air duct cleaning made! I have decided that the best thing for us to do is just get our ductwork and air vents cleaned professionally on a regular basis. I went ahead and scheduled with them to come back in about six months. I think that if we have it done twice a year, we will keep ahead of the problem.


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