We made a ceremony out of it

Last summer, every one of us somehow ended up having a truly odd funeral back near the woods behind the burn pile.

But it’s not what you think. See, when our outdated air conditioner device finally died on us for the final time, clearly every one of us thought that every one of us would just have the whole cooling system device hauled away by the trash guys. However, my child just would not hear of this idea. He said that our outdated air conditioner was a section of the family. He was official in the fact that the cooling system device had already been around for years longer than he had! As a matter of fact, this particular central air conditioner even was easily original to the house, then they had installed it with the same old heating system idea whenever the house was built, & that was almost twenty five years before; I guess it’s true when they say that they don’t make things the way they used to! That cooling system lasted for at least a decade longer than it definitely should have worked. So whenever it finally stopped easily working during the hottest part of the summer, I was distraught although I can’t say that I was surprised. I was already getting ready to haul it out to the curb when I saw my child standing next to it looking sad. He told us that he wanted to pay it some respect since it had worked so damn hard for so long cooling our family off inside of our house. I could see his point, and I ended up having a funeral for the air conditioner unit.

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