Heat pump is plenty for winter

Where I grew up, a house had a boiler or a furnace of some sort for heating while in the winter.

This was due to the unquestionably intense, long, freezing Winter the two of us would experience up there.

At that time, I had not even heard of an Heating plus A/C heat pump. Plus, the two of us just particularly didn’t need much air conditioning for the Summer either. I bought a window device cooling system once 1 Summer when the two of us had a weeks long sizzling streak. However, there were other summers where I didn’t bother putting that cooling system back in the window. No, the focus of our Heating plus A/C efforts were always the Winter and the two of us had severe Heating plus A/C device to combat the cold. So when I took a job further south, I just wasn’t exactly convinced that a heat pump would be acceptable for the winter. While the two of us were further south than where I grew up, it wasn’t love the two of us were south enough to enjoy particularly mild winters. This surprised me a bit when I asked about the gas furnace only to be told there wasn’t 1. In fact, I was told by the realtor that any sort of furnace was sort of unusual. She had seen a few homes that had an old oil furnace in the basement. But by and large, all the heating and cooling in the part was done by the heat pump. So, I took her at her word however was still a bit unconvinced. That didn’t last long though. I was stunned to find that the heat pump was more than strong enough to bring plenty of heat to our home.

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