I love heated flooring, and it would be perfect for the locker rooms

When we were kids, our sister was a figure skater, she loved to get out on the ice and lose herself in the tunes, then it was always so fun to see her speed down the ice and glide on a sheet of white.

She skated competitively until she was about 17 and then decided she would step away from it before it took over her life.

I played ice hockey for a while, however I ended up realizing that I hated being cold, being cold is the worst in the locker rooms. I think it would be a smart plan to have radiant heated floors in them. Imagine coming off the cold ice and taking off your bulky skates to step your feet on a warm, heated surface, however you’d really like to be there more often! Heated flooring would supply a warm space for people who didn’t get to play as often, like me. Sure the rink has a central furnace, although I don’t suppose the rink had legitimately nice zone control, there were cold spots in certain areas of the rink and unfortunately, the men’s locker room happened to be one of them. Having heated flooring would have solved that problem! I once stepped on heated flooring when I was in a lodge in the woods with our girlfriend. We had such a long afternoon snowboarding and it was so nice to come back home and turn on the floor furnaces before taking off our boots. We almost decided to sleep on the floor just to bask in the warm heat! Some people may suppose I’m being dramatic about it, however we lived in the south, so I was never used to the cold.



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