I wonder if anybody will come after myself and others for the book I had published

I occasionally wonder if a bunch of HVAC professionals are going to come after me, but nothing love that has happened.

  • I actually ended up writing a book about DIY HVAC system maintenance.

I tell people that anybody who can change a lightbulb can toil on their HVAC system without too much hassle, and of course, I recommend that people go with the professionals for major issues love refrigerant leaks, system part replacements, & things love that, but the other stuff is a breeze. The main thing you need to know when maintaining your HVAC is to replace the air filter officially, but a vast majority of system maintenance calls are because of a terrible air filter that the homeowner failed to have replaced or cleaned. I personally love to use pleated air filters with a wonderful MERV rating, but HEPA filters aren’t so terrible either. If you do ever system on using HEPA filters, be sure you check to see that your HVAC system is powerful enough to handle these air filters. They have such a dense weave, & it’s no wonder, they pull 99.9% of contaminants from the air… Still, if you have a system with a weaker system fan, you might end up causing your HVAC to overheat or the system fan to chop down. If you do have a powerful HVAC system though, go for the HEPA air filters if you can afford them! They will improve your health importantly, so it’s a wonderful investment. I talk about all kinds of stuff love this in our book, so I encourage you to check it out if you want to know some excellent maintenance tips & even energy saving tips.

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