Jeff bought a new RV air conditioning unit before the hunting trip

Once he was done, Jeff tried it out

As a child, Jeff accompanied his dad on lots of hunting trips. It was a great bonding experience that kept them close over the years. However, two years ago was the first time in ages they didn’t turn up for hunting season. His dad had fallen ill and passed away. Jeff was too distraught and didn’t want to go hunting on his own. When his grandmother saw how much pain he was in, she decided to take action. The following year, she arranged to head out in the wild and continue the family tradition with Jeff. At first, he was hesitant, but his grandma heard none of it. They planned out the trip, and Jeff took the RV for servicing. At the mechanic, he discovered the air conditioning unit was faulty. Rather than pay an arm and a leg for AC repairs, he opted to get a new one. The quality HVAC was a better option because it wasn’t possible to enjoy the trip without proper air conditioning. Jeff got in touch with the right RV air-con vendor in the area and placed an order. He got the best news. The AC company could deliver the new HVAC to the auto-repair shop the same day. That meant the AC expert could install it just in time for the hunting trip. He had to admit he was looking forward to traveling and hunting with his grandmother. It was also a great way to honor his father. After a couple of hours, the AC business delivered the new air ventilator. The HVAC technician removed the old one and installed the new cooling unit in the RV. Once he was done, Jeff tried it out. It worked perfectly, and he left to go rest before starting the trip the next day.

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