Letting my dog sleep in the bed

My girlfriend and I are definitely animal people. We have always been animal people but recently I feel like we keep acquiring more. We started fostering dogs during the pandemic and now we have five. One thing that we started during the pandemic that has become a really bad habit is letting the dog sleep in the bed with us. Since we were fostering we thought it wouldn’t be that big of a deal but now we adopted the dogs so they are used to sleeping in the bed with us and five dogs is too many in a bed with two humans. My girlfriend gets really hot while she’s sleeping too so we have to turn the thermostat to at least 60° to be comfortable while we are sleeping with the dogs. We have to get out of the Habit of letting the dogs to bed with us because if we keep turning the air conditioning down like this then our utility bill is going to go through the roof. Don’t get me wrong I like to sleep with the air conditioning on, but this is kind of getting out of control. I told my girlfriend that we had to have a serious talk about not letting the dogs sleep in the bed with us but she said she would rather pay extra to have the air conditioning running and let the dog sleep with us then take them out of the bed. It seems like this might be an uphill

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