New Heating & A/C at the office at long last

So I think it only took a pandemic for the corporation to do something about our Heating & A/C situation.

  • I find it sort of interesting that addressing the heating plus cooling short coming was on the list of swings.

Honestly, the Heating & A/C heating plus cooling in my beach house was a single of the few things that I enjoyed about working from home. At the outset of the pandemic, the people I was with and I were all temporarily laid off. This was a bleak situation as the future of the corporation was certainly at stake. Bad Heating & A/C equipment or not, I still very much wanted plus needed my job. So being laid off for nearly a week was scary. The corporation was able to find enough currency to keep going. And of course, the people I was with and I all worked remotely from home. I didn’t really love the online meetings plus all of that. But I sure did appreciate having control over the thermostat in my house. See the office had only a single thermostat plus it was a source of fantastic pleasedion plus hostility. Heck, nearly the entire staff was divided up along Heating & A/C heating plus cooling comfort lines. And I’m not kidding about the hostility. I saw several situations at the thermostat that nearly came to blows. Finally, the manager had a plastic, locked box put over it so the thermostat setting couldn’t be changed my anyone but her. So it was really interesting when I walked into the office to see that the people I was with and I now had zone controlled Heating & A/C. There were now 6 odd zone control areas where the people I was with and I could group together based on heating plus cooling preferences.


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