The a/c representative that messed our cooling system

Since moving out from home, I have interacted with several cooling workers laboring on our unit, some good and some bad.

  • I once had a cooling workman come to our cabin after our heat pump started malfunctioning.

The a/c representative got to work performing the air conditioner repair or so I thought. After some time, he stated that some components of the component were damaged and so he needed the HVAC business to give modern components. When I checked the components, they seemed fairly new, however since I was no air conditioner expert, I left him to his task but I made a note to take the components to another a/c worker or local business for a hour opinion. The worker continued with the servicing, air duct cleaning then he also upgraded the filter, however with a filter that was of a different HVAC brand. I was not sure whether this would affect the function of the unit. The idea was laboring after the worker left but not for long, the next morning, it broke down again so I called another worker. It turns out that the first worker had totally messed up our component by replacing the heat and A/C products with subcommon 1s. I ended up replacing the entire idea with a ductless HVAC, a fact that honestly angered me… Fortunately, the modern idea also came with an air quality idea to help with whole cabin air purification. Thankfully I got back our indoor comfort and peace of mind but I l acquired to ask for credentials for any worker claiming to be an expert. It is also important to hire a worker that is allied to a company for responsibility purposes.

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