The rain helps keep the un-even temperatures down, however we need a new a/c truly soon

I have never been a big fan of rainy weather.

I don’t love the humidity it brings plus I entirely don’t love driving around in it or having to be outside in it.

Recently though when my wifey plus I moved into a new home, the place didn’t have a good cooling system. There were a couple of window a/c units, however that was all. I wasn’t concerned though because the property was so nice. The people I was with and I ended up getting 5 acres of land plus a pretty nice house. The heating system is a boiler, so that works well. I guess because we used it through the winter, but now we are late into the Springtime plus I am still trying to save up enough cash to have a new cooling system installed. The only thing that has been keeping things cool is all the rain we have been getting. The Heating plus Air Conditioning professional I had out for a free consultation said that it would be smart to go for a ductless mini chop a/c. He had so several things to see about how energy efficient these a/cs are plus how you can even install odd zones that will run off the same outdoor a/c condenser unit. The thing that was holding us up though was the cost, plus I have been laboring a lot of overtime hours lately! I guess it’s going to be worth it when we get this new a/c. The Heating plus Air Conditioning professional even said our ductless mini chop will come with built in air purification. I guess that will improve the air quality in our beach house sizablely, plus I truly can’t wait, especially since it’s becoming so overheated outside.


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