I did not want to cut the exhausting news to the customer

I do not care for to be the woman to cut exhausting news to a customer.

Some of weeks ago, I was in charge of an replacement job… A crew of 3 additional Heating, Ventilation plus A/C professionals plus myself went to install a brand up-to-date heating plus cooling idea for a purchaser at the beach.

While all of us were working on the heating plus cooling idea replacement job, I checked the quality of the ductwork in the attic. I found a lot of significant troubles including some holes, tears, plus 1 section where the ductwork was completely unattached. I had to tell the purchaser about the ductwork troubles. I did not want to be the woman to cut the exhausting news, however it was our responsibility as head company on the heating plus cooling insulation job. I just got some possibilities with the owner of the beach house. I felt it was important to fix the troubles with the ductwork duringstalling all of the up-to-date machinery. The additional fees to complete the ductwork repairs $2,000 by the time I was finished with the estimate. I expected the purchaser to become irate after hearing the estimate plus I was surprised by the response that I received. The owner was cheerful to pay for any repairs that needed to be done. She certainly did not seem to mind spending the extra dollars. The job took 2 mornings to complete, since all of us had to add the ductwork repairs. When all of us were finished, the entire Heating, Ventilation plus A/C idea including ductwork was brand up-to-date plus up to town code.


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