Size of your room determines how much your room temperature will increase

A dehumidifier uses a fan to draw moisture in your room over a series of coils, first a refrigerant coil then a heated coil! When the refrigerant coil cools the moist air, the moisture in the air condenses into water and falls into a drain hose or a collection bucket.

The dryer, less moist air then passes over the heated coil before releasing it back into your indoor space as dry, moderate air. A dehumidifier achieves optimal performance at warmer temperatures and higher levels of relative humidity. Dehumidifiers function much the same as cooling systems. The only difference is they don’t cool the air, rather, when your compressor inside your dehumidifier is functioning, it dries your indoor air and blows it back into your living section as heated air. This can increase the temperature levels in your indoor space by a few degrees! The extent to which your room temperature may increase will depend on the amount of time your compressor is working to eliminate moisture and the size of your indoor space. The smaller your room, the more the air temperature will increase, while in immense rooms, the effect is properly negligible. Another way your dehumidifier makes your room warmer is by the compressor running, which often adds a slight amount of heat to your room, and similar to other lake house appliances that add warmth to rooms placed in when they are in operation. Most rooms don’t experience significant or noticeable differences, but some sensitive people may notice a slight temperature rise.

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