A portable air conditioner saved the weekend

We thought it would be fun to rough it a little bit.

My girlfriend’s parents had a hunting cabin up in the hills.

It wasn’t much, just two rooms with a kitchen in between them, a couple of cots and basic necessities. No TV, no cable, no wifi, no contact with the outside world, it sounded like a fun weekend getaway. I don’t know why, but it never occurred to us that it would be deathly hot up at the cabin. I guess we just associated it with winter, but when we arrived it was over a hundred degrees inside, and there was no air conditioner in sight. We opened up the doors and windows, and the natural ventilation helped the stale smell but didn’t cool the place down enough. If it were just me I would have gone home and called it quits, but I wanted to impress her so I said I would drive back into town and buy an air conditioner. She had no idea there were small, affording air conditioners that work well enough to cool down one room. It occurred to me that setting an air conditioner up in the cabin’s bedroom would be a great way for us to lay down and watch some movies together while staying nice and cool. I wanted to do more than watch movies, of course, but first we had to make sure that the air conditioner did the job. Trying to hook up with my girlfriend when the heat and humidity was so high was a bad idea, I really needed climate control on my side if I wanted to make my move.

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