First house needs new air conditioning

I’m really not sure how my aunt lived in this house without proper residential HVAC.

But she sure did and she did for nearly 50 years.

She had a propane heater for the winter and there was one, old window air conditioner in her bedroom for HVAC cooling in the summer. That’s what she lived with until she died as far as heating and cooling went. Her old house is now getting a complete heating and cooling makeover. That’s because my great aunt’s house is now my house. I was stunned to find out that she left me her house. It’s a nice little house on nearly 10 acres. The perfect situation for me to be a first time homeowner. It didn’t take long for me to get to work on my house. Most of the work I wanted to do was stuff that I could see to. For the most part, the house was in great shape and didn’t need all that much work. However, the HVAC equipment just had to be addressed for sure. I considered putting in a central air conditioning system. But that meant running ductwork through the house. Adding ductwork to an old home can be tricky, not aesthetically pleasing and expensive. So I thought long and hard on that one before choosing to go a different direction. After conferring with the HVAC professional, it seemed pretty clear that going with a different type of HVAC technology might be the better answer. This led me to solving the quality heating and air problem by using a ductless multi split HVAC system.

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