Hit it just right with HVAC replacement gamble

I’m not a gambler or big risk taker by nature. In fact, I don’t like taking risks at all if I can avoid it. And that’s not always been exactly beneficial when living this life. There is a certain amount of risk to be taken in order to get where you want to go. I realized a while back that simply doing my job and coming home to the air conditioning was not going to get me where I wanted to go. That would take some calculated risks and extra effort. Turns out, I was right and taking a few measured risks became easier for me to do. But rolling the dice on heating and cooling comfort was still a bit out of my comfort zone. Yet, that’s exactly what I did. The HVAC technician warned me that our HVAC equipment was about done. This prompted me to get going on saving for the replacement heating and cooling equipment. But after about 9 months, I was still a bit short on what was needed for the new HVAC unit. And I wasn’t eager to do any sort of financing with the HVAC company although that was an option. So I rolled the dice this past spring that our HVAC unit would make it through one more tough summer. The summer heat is a big deal here and it puts quite a load on the HVAC unit. But I made sure that we kept the thermostat no more than 15 degrees cooler than the outside temps. And had the air conditioner tune-up one last time prior to going for it. Believe it or not, that gamble actually paid off.
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