HVAC renovation goes well

I’m very new to this whole homeowner thing.

And there is still so much for me to experience and learn.

That’s just part of it I guess. I spent my twenties renting a variety of apartments. They weren’t all that great but I was thankful for them. Plus, when something wasn’t working, like the air conditioning, I just called the rental office. Granted, I didn’t exactly get like an HVAC professional sent out or anything. It was usually just the handy man who only new how to recharge the HVAC equipment. So while I didn’t have to face the HVAC service bills, I sure didn’t get the most out of my heating and cooling experience either. Again, I guess that’s just sort of the way it goes. So when I got into my first home, it was sort of ironic that the first thing I had to address was the HVAC equipment. I knew going into the sale that replacing the HVAC equipment was going to be on me. And I did some research and my due diligence on heating and cooling. This was a help when I first met with the HVAC contractor. I could understand what he was talking about to a large degree. This HVAC professional was great and really helped me to decide which way to go with the replacement HVAC unit. After a good bit of thought and some more research, I chose to go with the ductless multi split heating and cooling equipment. Since the ductwork in the house was also shot, the ductless HVAC option made the very most sense for my situation.


Cooling workman