I’m fed up with high bills each month

I am easily a person that values my money plus I work hard to maintain a budget.

Most expenses are reasonable plus I avoid making many unnecessary purchases.

It is shocking and also scary when the energy bills shoot to high levels. This occurred just a couple of months ago. The bi-weekly recurring expenses should be a certain level. When I realized they were too high, I knew something was definitely wrong. I diagnosed other appliance problems and knew the spike was not due to a change in utility companies. I began to originally suspect the heating, ventilation plus AC unit. There were multiple noises and unusual sounds and it seemed that for the past several weeks the heating, ventilation plus AC unit was struggling to heat and cool the space. I knew the increased energy bills were likely due to this problem plus this was easily one significant concern for me. The bill tripled in just a couple of weeks and I found no way at all to fix the problem on my own. It became necessary to contact the heating, ventilation plus a CE provider in the area. At least they understood and fully investigated the issue which was actually beyond our control. The problems with the heating, ventilation, plus AC system were due to a lack of insulation. Having no insulation was causing a leakage of heat that was not getting to the house and transferring through the heating and AC ductwork. After the problem was repaired, I’ve seen significantly lower bills this month and probably the next month too.


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