My dad swears by HEPA filters

My dad loves using HEPA filters in her Heating and Air Conditioning method at home.

She regularly says that if you’re not buying a HEPA filter, you might as well not even put an air filter in your heating or cooling system.

I don’t guess about that, but I do guess that for as long as I can remember, our dad has been using the same Heating and Air Conditioning filters in the Heating and Air Conditioning method at her house. I remember seeing the same exact kind of filter in the basement storage area back when I was a little kid as I see over there now whenever I go downstairs into the basement to help our dad out with her laundry once in a while. I guess that she is a man who enjoys what she likes, and she is definitely a creature of habit, that’s for sure. Whenever she enjoys a certain kind of product, that’s what she sticks with for life, but of course, once in a while that doesn’t work out for him very well because periodically the companies that she enjoys to buy from go out of business before she stops liking them. That happened to him with her favorite car tires a few years ago. She had been using the same exact brand of car tires for almost fifty years when they stopped manufacturing the tires! Well, I think it’s a fantastic thing that she won’t have to stop using HEPA air filters in her Heating and Air Conditioning system. She would be absolutely frustrated if she was no longer able to use the air filters that she enjoys the most. I think HEPA filters really absolutely are the best genre of filters around.

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