My mom’s house smells like Mexican food

If there’s one thing that my mom loves, it’s Mexican food.

Her husband is actually from a little border town and he loves food from the culture that he’s from.

She loves it too, and so she ends up cooking it literally all the time. That’s all well and good, and she’s really a good cook so my kids and I like going over there to hang out all the time. The only bad thing about the fact that she cooks like this so much is the fact that the grease and smoke from all of the tortillas and oil from the meat and vegetables really messes up the indoor air quality in my sister’s house. You can actually see some of the grease staining up the walls in the kitchen and the ceiling up over the stove. Not only that, but whenever her heating or cooling system kicks on, the smell that is just lurking in the ventilation system comes blowing out through the air vents in full force. This means that her house constantly smells like a burrito, and so does her hair and all of her clothes. Even her dog smells like a bowl of beans and rice. I guess it’s not the worst thing in the world, but I know that she has to get tired of it every now and then. I think that it would probably be good for all of them if she called up the local heating and cooling company and had them come out to professionally clean out all of the ventilation ducts.

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