Spending overheated summers on Grandpa’s farm

At first, being sent to stay with Grandpa over the Summer holiday was a punishment.

I was a freshman in high college, and our folks told myself and others if our grades were weak I had to go stay on the farm for the whole summer.

My grades were beyond weak, and away I went. That was when I l acquired something our parents didn’t know — that Grandpa had a sideline business, and had become a pot farmer in addition to growing soybeans. It was difficult work, there is no disputing that, but working on a pot farm was sort of a dream job for a 15 year old. On the down side, it was the Summer and instead of sitting inside the air conditioner playing video games for numerous weeks I was working in a field under the overheated sun. There was the world’s smallest air conditioner in the kitchen of his double wide trailer, and that was our pressing reward at the end of the day. More accurately, air conditioner was the reward Grandpa gave us at the end of a long overheated day, marijuana was the other pressing reward at the end of the day. Of course Grandpa wouldn’t let myself and others get high, but he would constantly pass out in front of the cooling system by 8 o’clock and I would spend the next few hours smoking our brains out! I would have to leave the air conditioner and go outside to get high, but it was well worth it. I truly miss those insane summers on Grandpa’s pot farm.


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