Sticking to heat pumps and mild winters

I tried other places and they just didn’t work out for me.

Perhaps I wanted to try other locales just because I could.

But what I found was neither fulfilling or and comfortable as my home area. It’s really nice though to know just how you feel about the region you call home. I certainly don’t mind not having to use a boiler or a gas furnace for heating our home all winter. That is something that I hope to never have to experience again. It was just the worst. I’m so impressed with everyone who can live up there. It’s just too much cold weather and the HVAC heating costs nearly put me in the poor house. No, I’ll stick to the land of the heat pump. I like to walk out my door this time of year to hear the chorus of heat pumps singing in my neighborhood. It’s the time of year now that the heat pump is really earning its keep. But then again, that’s exactly what the heat pump was designed for. It’s the HVAC technology that really revolutionized residential HVAC as far as air conditioning goes. And it’s name says exactly what it does. The wonderful marriage of engineering and physics gave birth to the HVAC technology that is able to pump heat from one place to another. When the HVAC cooling kicks on in the house, that’s a vital part of the process. The heat pump is actually moving heat energy outside which makes room for much cooler air to replace it. And in the winter, the HVAC heat pump simply reverses the process and is able to heat the house very comfortably.


Heating technician