The worst date I have ever been on

What sort of madman doesn’t have an ? What year is this? I’m sorry I don’t mean to be rude although I just got from actually the worst date of my life! He seemed nice enough online, plus then Last yearwe met up for lunch, plus that was great, too.

He asked me to come over to Netflix plus chill, but in a friendly way not a creepy way.

I dolled myself up, plus was ready to see where the night took me… but it didn’t take me someplace good. The guy lives in this nice apartment right on the edge of town, however he has no air conditioning, which proved to be a major problem for me. Had I known about the climate control situation before driving out there, I would have prepared for it like I was going to be outside all night. As it stood, the apartment was actually warm, plus the guy had made a large mistake in lighting a small fire in the fireplace to make it sentimental. It did look sentimental, plus I actually do love a fireplace on a crisp Winter time night, but this was the wrong time for it. I tried to come up with a nice lie to leave right away, but instead I decided to be mature plus told him the lack of air conditioning was making me uncomfortable. Then he told me that he was sorry, plus that he did have a small, portable , but that it was only strong enough to cool down his home office. Then I realized he was trying to trick me into bed using air conditioning!



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