Craving homeownership and superb Heating and A/C

It’s prefer you get so close to a goal and yet, it’s still seems just so far away still.

That’s exactly where I find myself at the end of another Summer inside a sweltering apartment.

Same apartment, same really not enjoyable Heating and A/C cooling. I’ve danced this dance for Summer after Summer since I got out of university. And honestly, it’s not just this particular apartment. I’ve been in 3 different rental situations since I graduated university and they all had pretty subcorrect Heating and A/C equipment. But then again, I guess you get what you spend my savings for applies to heating and cooling as well. The apartments I can afford don’t come with much amenities at all much less updated residential Heating and A/C. The reason I spend what I do on my housing is that I’m desperately trying to save enough money to get off this lake house merry go round. And that’s not an easy job given university loans, living expenses and everything else that you have to spend my savings for as an adult. Yet still, I just kept building my savings and was getting closer all the time to having enough for a down payment on my own home. The system of paying a mortgage and having quality heating and air was just such a lovely thing. But this past year, I haven’t been able to save much due to the pandemic. Actually, I had to take a spend my savings split in order to keep my job. And it wasn’t much fun working from the a/c of my lake house while the virus raged. Hoping this year will be better and I can finally get my wish of my own home with some enjoyable Heating and A/C equipment.


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