Guys sit around the parking lot with nothing to do all day

For multiple week, the two of us have tried our best to call the AC repair company.

The people I was with and myself have contacted the heating and AC repair company on a number of days and they seem unquestionably on reasonable to answer the phone.

The people I was with and myself have been put on hold a number of times. The soft listening music in the background isn’t too bad, but there is never a person that answers the phone. My partner and I were getting fed up with not having anyone answer the phone, so I decided to drive by the heating as well as AC dealership a few days ago. I was not surprised to end up in front of the shop where several heating and AC repair technicians were sitting outside smoking cigarettes with nothing to do all day. It’s hard to believe there is no one to answer the phone when there was seven or eight people standing outside doing nothing at all. It’s no wonder this heating as well as AC company has poor reviews. They have continued to prove time and also time again that the place is unquestionably unreliable and do not care if they make the customers happy in this town. One of these days another single Heating and also air conditioning location is going to open and then those people will not be able to stay in business unless they start working harder. It’s no wonder that the online revies for this place make it sound terrible.

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