HVAC comfort is lone bright spot for winter rookie

At least I held firm on having new HVAC equipment installed before I ought the house.

The seller just didn’t want to be bothered with replacing the old, worn out heating and cooling equipment.

He even offered a bunch of money off the sale price of the home if I would do the HVAC unit replacement after closing. I refused and was ready to walk away from the sale. It wasn’t as much hardball negotiating tactic as it was just simple logic. I’m a southern girl who knows very little about HVAC. And I knew nothing at all about the sort of heating needed for a winter way up north. So I stuck to my guns on the HVAC replacement. I’m glad that I did because the new gas furnace is just about the lone bright spot right now for me. The job I came up here for is much more complicated than was revealed to me when I accepted the promotion. This has required a lot of long nights in the office by myself trying to right this ship. Well, I wasn’t completely alone because I always have my trusty space heater under my desk. That’s the other thing, this cold is just way more overwhelming than I thought it would be. I knew it would be far colder than what I was accustomed to down south. But it’s like a whole other level of cold that is just so intense. Yet, my new little house is super cozy thanks to the new residential HVAC put in by a local HVAC company. They were also kind enough to walk me through how the gas furnace works and what I need to do on my end. I even signed up for the HVAC service plan.
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