HVAC cooling is protecting our health as well as our comfort

Flipping the page to October is not far away at all.

I can’t wait to be quite honest about it.

The fact that we will have gotten through another full heat season brings a big smile to my face. And the heat pump will be able to start a well deserved break before too much longer. Yet, it’s mid September and we are still in the high 80’s or low 90’s during the peak heating hours of the day. So the HVAC cooling is still pouring it on night and day in order to keep us comfortable. And man, am I ever thankful we have residential HVAC and modern technology to rely on to manage this heat. I think about what it must have been like prior to having something like a heat pump. It’s almost more than I can fathom to consider getting through this type of summer heat without the aid of HVAC cooling. And yet, so many of us take air conditioning totally for granted. That’s too bad since the HVAC cooling process is also protecting our health. And not just from dangerously high heat. The HVAC cooling process is also balancing the humidity in our homes. And that keeps the mold at bay. Mold is one of the worst things for our respiratory health. It can cause so many devastating health effects. Thanks to the HVAC cooling process, we don’t have to worry about mold running wild in our homes. And that along with all the cooling comfort it provides are great reasons to be so thankful for what we have in residential HVAC.

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