I had to go back to the store for the receipt

My co-worker plus I had a sizable task last Friday. All of us drove all the way to the beach to install a commercial at the laundromat. The commercial insulation task took most of the morning. On the way home, my partner plus I stopped at the gas station to fill up the toil truck. I spent $50 of my own cash plus I expected the boss to reimburse the fees when we got back to the shop. As soon as we entered the building, I went to the office. I told my boss about the gas plus he asked for a receipt. I thought I had the receipt in my pocket, although I could not find it anywhere. I thought my boss would let it go plus pay the cash, even though he refused to Shell out any cash until I produced a receipt for the $50 cash transaction. I had to drive to the other side of neighborhood to get a receipt. The manager had to contact the corporate office plus it was a lot of trouble. When I finally presented the receipt to my boss, he had the strangest look on his face. I sincerely suppose that he thought I was lying the entire time. I have only been toiling at this heating plus AC repair shop for a couple of weeks, however it’s straight-forward to see why the venue has such a high rate of turnover. The boss wouldn’t even take my word over a $50 gas charge with another co-worker attesting to the transaction. That doesn’t make me think unquestionably secure about my task.


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