I thought we would save money if we found a cheaper place to live

Last year both of us were laid off from our job and it took some time to find another place to work.

One of the two of us did, the pay was a lot less than the previous job and we’re having a lot of trouble making ends meet. We started to sell some of our possessions so we had extra money. The people I was with and myself knew we needed to make some drastic changes and one of them was moving to a different location. Our current apartment was incredibly expensive because the both of us have great jobs when the people I was with an addition to myself moved. Now we have to make swings and the rest is unquestionably an issue. The people I was with and myself saw a really nice cabin and the place seemed almost and joy a dream that came true. The cabin seemed to be twice the size of our place and was only half of the rent. Of course it was easy to figure out why when we went to see the cabin and realize there was no Central Heating in addition to AC technology. The heating and addition to AC equipment was nonexistent. With permanent summer and months of incredibly hot days, there was unquestionably no way that the people I was with and also myself could well ends up late. The ad also stated that the place had some humidity issues and this was just one more reason for the two of us to stay right where we were.
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