Always the same each year

It always seems that at around the same time each winter, our central heating & a/c equipment breaks down. I do not think why this is, but it just happens this way. I am always prepared to have to option up the iPhone & call our local heating & a/c business to send out a single of their most certified heat & a/c specialist to service our central heating & a/c equipment this time of the year. I have always asked the heating & cooling specialists that come to repair our central Heating & Air Conditioning system if maybe I should just invest in a brand new & entirely new Heating & Air Conditioning equipment to stop this from happening every year. And they said that it would not help any at this point because the reason for our heat & a/c system breakdowns this time of the year is simply because of the section in which I live & how extreme the weather becomes. It makes it so that the central heating & a/c ends up overworking itself at about the same time each year. I would need commercial heat & a/c system in order to even combat this extreme weather. Which of course is not possible when all your home could take would be a residential heating & a/c unit, however so I just have to make sure I have the cash for this every year at the same time & always expect the central heating & a/c equipment to cut down when the certain month & time hits each year.

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