Bree had the cooling system serviced in spring

Bree was in luck, and the HVAC expert came to her home to work on the unit.

Bree couldn’t believe the email she got on her computer about a week ago. She’d been applying for work here and there without much hope of landing something. But it seemed the heavens were smiling down on her. She received an email from a potential employer in the city who had a vacancy for her. They were quite impressed by her cover letter and experience. Bree was invited to an interview with the top management for the coming week. She had to get ready and began to prepare for the interview. She knew she’d applied for a hiring role than her previous position, giving her a better package. Her husband kept encouraging her and even went to purchase her a new outfit for the big day. Bree went in for the interview feeling a little nervous, but she managed to nail it. They gave her the position there and then, and she couldn’t wait to tell her hubby. The work started in spring which is when she did some work at home, including servicing the cooling system. She called the HVAC expert that weekend, hoping they could service the unit before she reported to work. Bree was in luck, and the HVAC expert came to her home to work on the unit. It didn’t have many faults, but the drainage line was almost clogged. The AC worker unclogged the drainage line and replaced the air filter, which meant the unit was ready to use in summer. In addition, the AC expert made sure the air purification unit in Bree’s home was improving the indoor air quality as expected before he left.



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