How many air filters do I get in a case?

I called the HVAC supplier Last weekbecause I wanted to buy a case of air filters for our heating system plus air conditioner unit.

Before I bought the air filters, I wanted to assume how many air filters were in the case.

I understood I was getting a nice price by buying them by the case, however I had to make sure I had some place to store them. The HVAC tech assured me I could store them in the garage or in the basement. As long as they didn’t get wet, they would be fine. It wasn’t whether they would get wet, however if I had the room for numerous cases of air filters. She said the air filters had twelve in a box. At least now I had some idea how much room I needed for the air filters. I started looking in the garage plus the shed, hoping to find a shelf that would hold numerous cases of air filters. I found a shelf in the basement where I could put the heating system air filters, however I couldn’t fit the A/C component air filters there. Then I realized I could put them in the laundry room. The laundry room was in the mudroom, plus the air conditioner component was right outside the mudroom. At least I had solved the problem with where I was going to put the air filters. Now I just had to m tell the HVAC tech what kind of air filters I needed. I would need to check the outdated air filters plus give him the numbers that were on them.

a/c representative