I was trying to keep all the people healthy.

When the pandemic broke out, all I could think about was trying to keep our family healthy.

No one was leaving the house, and no one was coming in, although I was still worried.

I started to do some research about things I could do to keep our family safe during the pandemic. One of the things I had learn about was having a whole home whole-house air purifier installed into the house. I lived in an section where I didn’t need to worry about a oil furnace, so no one had to come into our home to install an whole-house air purifier. I started to call around and see if there was a Heating and A/C business that was able to install a whole home whole-house air purifier into our a/c unit. I didn’t realize I needed to have some extra toil done to our a/c system so it could be made to run the whole-house air purifier. He explained to me that instead of taking a lot of time and risking having someone come into the house, he was going to do the toil on the a/c system. He would then return to finish the system when it was safe. For now, he was going to make changes so our a/c system would be able to handle a HEPA air filter. To do this, he was going to change the fan motor so it would be able to draw more air through the air duct. My airflow wouldn’t be compromised and the HEPA air filter would prohibit most of the allergens and viruses from getting into the air.
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