Just being myself

Growing up my parents wanted me to become a lawyer. I was simply not interested in that. There were many of my peers that were pushed into careers that they did not want. But this wasn’t me! I stood my ground and did what I wanted to and was just being myself. This is why I followed my goals and dreams to become a certified heating and air conditioning specialist, and that is exactly what I still am today over 30 years later following going to heat and a/c school to get my heating and air conditioning certification. I had to work my tail off and save up my own money all through high school to be able to go to heating and air conditioning school because my parents were not going to help me one bit. But I fought for it and I got it. Today I own my very own private and independent heating and air conditioning business! It has been going strong for about 20 years. The first 10 years of my heating and air conditioning career I worked for a local heat and a/c company in the city. This gave me all the experience I needed to do it on my own and build what I have today. It was not easy by any means, but I did it. Working as an independent heating and air conditioning specialist is me and who I am. And I personally am proud of myself! My parents eventually came around and found what they did was wrong and have tried to make it up to me over the years.
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