No solicitations

I genuinely dislike it when these darn door to door sales people simply ignore signs, then i have a sign nailed to our front door that clear as day says “no solicitations”, which means take your door to door sales elsewhere because I am not interested! Recently, I had some several bit cheap heating, ventilation & A/C company ignore this fact & came banging on our door. I decided to answer it because I do find it interesting to see what kind of scams these door to door rip off artists are running from time to time, then however, this was different. I was genuinely glad that they were rude enough to ignore our sign & bang on our door, & I am glad I answered. Because this what I thought was a several bit heating, ventilation & A/C company happened to be 1 of the greatest heat & a/c companies in town! And the only reason they were doing door to door sales was because they were trying to reach people in a different way rather than telephone; They were genuinely offering a particularly good, tolerable & good priced heat & a/c repair plan! I genuinely signed up for it. And to think, had they not ignored the sign on our door & had I not answered I would have majorly missed out on this good Heating, Ventilation & A/C repair system deal! This was a 1 off fluke that will not happen again i’m sure. I still will not be accepting solicitations! Like I said, this was just a 1 off fluke all together.


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