Strange venue for an Heating & Air Conditioning system

I can recall this a single condo I was renting some years ago, & the most unusual thing about it was where the central heating & a/c equipment was venued.

The central heating & a/c was easily in the garage! I am not kidding! I have seen sizzling water furnaces & sizzling water boilers in garages before, but never a central heating & a/c equipment until this.

One of the times the heating & a/c business was out at the rental home & was doing a single of their Heating & Air Conditioning tune ups & check ups, I was asking them what the reason was for the central heating & a/c equipment to be in the garage instead of the side of the condo prefer most central heating & a/c units are venued. They told me it was because of the build of the house, where & how the ductwork was laid & how the air vents to the central heat & a/c equipment were installed into the home. That made sense to me, but wow, that is quite an correct condo lay out to have to have the central heating & a/c equipment venued in the garage! At least the venue to change the air filters of the central heating & a/c were in a enjoyable venue in the condo right in the hallway by the thermostat on the wall. The thermostat that was on the wall I remember was a single of those older dial thermostats. And of course, the central heating & a/c was also an older model.

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