Talking the price down

I am pretty nice in being slick when dealing with sales reps.

Well, this is because I used to be one myself.

So I think how to go head to head with them plus make sense. I was able to recently talk down this heating & air conditioning dealership into selling myself and others a brand new, current plus pretty darn expensive heating & air conditioning plan for almost half off what they officially charge for it. It took a lot of wheeling plus dealing. And then it took myself and others a little bit of lying in a way to trick the heating & air conditioning sales rep into believing that these brand current plus current central heating plus cooling units were cheaper elsewhere, then of course they did not want to lose a potential sale plus wanted to keep a reputation up, so this is where our slick program came into play. I tricked them real good! And I got away with this fantastic brand current plus current central heating & air conditioning plan component for almost half off the proper price. I will never let any of our personal family plus friends think what I did plus how I did it, or they would look down upon myself and others for being dishonest to get the discount. But after all, what do you think sales are? Most are always dishonest to some extent. It is all a con game! Even with central heating & air conditioning plan units!