The animals were much more relaxed after fixing the air conditioning

After leaving the city to start a farming business, my life was so much more relaxed.

I’d worked a corporate job for half my life and felt the pressure building.

One day, I visited a friend who’d quit and started a homestead in the country. I’d noticed a change in her that I admired and longed for. She bought a couple of acres of land and kept all sorts of animals with her family. In addition, they even grew their own crops and sold the surplus at the farmers’ market. After suffering a huge loss at work, I had an anxiety attack that landed me in the hospital, where the doctor encouraged me to take it easy. That was my wake-up call, so I quit my job, moved to the land I’d brought near my friend’s home, and began my farm. I wanted to keep sheep, chickens, and horses, which I loved. I’d rely on my substantial savings for some time and set up a remote consultancy business slowly. About a month ago, I checked on the sheep during winter and noticed the barn was freezing. It seemed the heating unit had stopped working sometime in the night, and that’s why the sheep were bleating so loudly. I got my phone and called the AC business in town for help. I explained the AC system in the animal barn was broken, so they sent over an HVAC repair person to fix it. He noticed the wiring for the AC unit was fried, and he had to replace it. Once the wires were fixed, the heating unit was back on, and I felt all the animals relax and continue eating their morning meal.

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