The wind and the HVAC unit

There is something wrong with my central heating and air conditioning system unit. I do not know what it is exactly as the heating and the air conditioning still work fine. But when the wind blows, my central HVAC system seems to rattle! That to me says something is wrong with the build of it or something. I have not wanted to waste money calling the local heating and air conditioning company to send out a certified heat and a/c specialist, but I am thinking I may just spare the cash and give them a call soon to look at this heating and air conditioning unit and see if they can tell me if something is going wrong with it or if this is just the way the HVAC build is. I just think it is rather odd that my central heating and air conditioning system unit did not do this for the first few years I had it. Then all of a sudden, the wind makes the central heat and a/c unit rattle! It can be the smallest gust of wind, and my central heating and cooling unit will rattle like mad the second the wind starts blowing. It sometimes even gets annoying in the evening when I am trying to sleep since the HVAC system is right near where my bedroom is. Maybe the answer is to put something around my central heating and cooling system to stop it from rattling when the wind blows. I do not know, but I have to do something because this whole thing is really annoying anymore.

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